Is there a shift in attitudes toward female domination porn in recent years?

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As attitudes shift toward the inclusion and representation of female empowerment in mainstream media, the question of the current attitudes toward female domination porn has become increasingly relevant. While the general consensus has been that in the past, attitudes toward female domination porn were negative and uncool, the past few years have seen a marked shift in attitudes toward this particular genre within the porn industry.

In 2006, when renowned author Naomi Wolf published an article in The Guardian calling for mainstream porn to include more content featuring women in power, there was strong pushback from the traditional, male-dominated porn industry. However, in recent years, female domination porn—often referred to as femdom—has seen a surge in popularity among viewers, and many different forms of the genre exist and are widely consumed.

For starters, an online survey of over two thousand people conducted by in 2017 found that the majority of those surveyed reported a positive attitude towards female domination porn, with 73% of the respondents saying that they found the genre to be “sexy and empowering. This was especially true among women, with nearly 80% of female respondents reporting that they found femdom porn to be sexy and empowering.

Furthermore, there has also been a shift in attitude towards female domination porn in terms of its production and distribution. In recent years, there has been an influx of female-owned porn production companies, many of which specialize in femdom. Emily Grace, founder of the indie femdom porn company Women Love Women, has reported that there has been an increase in the number of women taking up the role of director in the world of femdom porn in recent years.

Additionally, the way that viewers access femdom porn has also changed, with the growth of platforms like OnlyFans, PornHub, and others providing an outlet for independent creators to share their content. This has led to a wider variety of femdom porn being produced, with an emphasis on creating content that is both sexually explicit and respectful of the individuals involved.

In conclusion, it appears that while there was formerly a stigma associated with female domination porn, current attitudes towards it appear to be much more positive. With the growth of various production companies, platforms, and creators, femdom porn is becoming increasingly accessible and accepted. It is clear that attitudes toward female domination porn have shifted significantly in recent years, and it is likely that this trend will continue in the future. Click for source.

What are some of the common themes within BDSM comics?

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The world of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) comics explores the many facets of alternative lifestyles. In these comics, readers will find themes of power exchange, trust, and vulnerability. While the content of these comics might be considered taboo by mainstream standards, there is an empowering message within the narrative. Here are some of the common themes found in bdsm comics:

1. Exploration of truth: bdsm comics are often a platform for individuals to explore feelings, thoughts and desires that people may be unable to express in their everyday lives. By using a medium that allows for imaginative expression, individuals are able to explore their deeper truths in a safe and accepting environment. These comics often explore situations – both imagined and real – that show a darker, more provocative side of BDSM relationships.

2. Empowerment in submission: A big theme found in these comics is the idea that submission can be an empowering act. Many of the comic’s protagonists explore feelings of pleasure and power that come with submitting to another person. From exploring trust and vulnerability in situations of submission to gaining strength through consensual domination, bdsm comics depict the rewards and strength that can be found in submission.

3. Exploring boundaries: BDSM comics also explore the notion of consent. Where does the balance between trust, respect, and consent begin and end? In a medium that is already considered transgressive, these comics show characters pushing boundaries through thoughtful explorations of consent and trust. In this way, BDSM comics offer an answers to the question, “How far can we trust someone?

4. Relationships of all kinds: BSDM comics also reflect on all types of relationships, from same-sex relationships to polyamory. In transgressive ways, these comics show characters navigating dynamics between two and more people while participating in various kinks and fetishes. In this way, these comics can depict how relationships between people of all identities can be incredibly rewarding and transformative.

BDSM comics show that there is power in exploring our deepest desires. Whether it’s through submission, trust, exploration of boundaries, or redefining relationships, BDSM comics offer readers a safe and exciting way to explore alternative ways of being.

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